On the official website of Hueber also known as Love. It al started when I was a kid and saw my dad drawing boats at church. The impact it made that a person can create something out of nothing was a thing that stuck.  At a very young age I started to draw everything what my eyes could capture: people, animals and settings. My mom was also very creative and made everything like clothes, abstract paintings and sculptures that showed me that the you can make everything by yourself. During my young life I played soccer with friends and lots of videogames. Skateboaring became a later obsession to me wich fulled the fire of graphics and branding. Unfortunately life happend and I had a troubled mind and find my rescue in wrong things. After being arrested and molested by the police for no good reason I had enough of my style of living because this is the only thing a man can change. I asked my god how can I change my ways... and found myself back in art and I never looked back. Ten years ago, on a trip in Lisboa Portugal I saw an street art artist who made a mural in a skatehop with lots of black outlines. It was for the first time I got an actual idea for my identity as an artist. I came home and I started to create the ideas I had. I used old teqniues to combine it with the new black oulines out the pop/streetart movement to create a new way of working without losing the essens or just trying to replicated old images. While I was working everyday for more then 8 hours on my techniques I started to explore the presentation of the works. My grandfather also an painter always said: The frame makes the work. I took me a while to understand what he was saying but after a while I discovered the power of an frame and what it does to the work. I designed an frame that fit with every style I created and white was the perfect "color" for it. Now ten years later I am ready to present my works to you as my audience and hopefully you will Love the works as mutch like i did while I was creating it. That is why I called myself LOVE because without it I was not around to give it back to you. 


Special thanks to my family for all the love and support.

Copyrights belong to Johan-Louis Hueber for every artwork on the website. Do not steel just get inspired.